Chorus 3 (C)

(AGAMEMNON exits, offstage.)


The foreigners are inside the gate
They’re here to kill the men
What’s left alive they’re gonna rape and rape and rape
Destroy the wicked reward the brave
So many body parts will never find a grave

We prayed it would go the other way
Holy shit the gods have let us down in a really fundamental way
And it’s

Always us or them
From the moment you’re alive
The women hate the men
The men resent the tribe
The tribes hate the king
It’s a never ending
Never ending
Never ending…

Every 100 years some despotic runt
Gets pissed off cuz he believes that he’s been 
Fucked around by his beautiful yet treacherous cunt
If we were twice the size of men
We’d kick you in the balls
And take your stupid pointy toys away but shit

It had to be the other way
So we tolerate your laws 
Obey your gods and by the way you’re fucking gay

And it’s always us or them
Before you can even crawl
Nature is not your friend
Only your mother hears your call
Crying as you sing
It’s a never ending
Never ending
Never ending…

Lyrics copyright Aldo Perez

© Edward Einhorn 2015